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It all starts with You.

Stay two steps ahead. Put a stop to future illnesses.

What Is Docere?


‘Docere’ pronounced as ‘dough-che-ray’, is a Latin word that means doctor. It also means to teach or to instruct.

Cicero (the Father of Medicine) first introduced this term in his book De Oratore in 55 BC. It signifies the act of providing truth through rational argument and facts.


We are a team of doctors who are passionate to transform the way healthcare is being delivered
today. We firmly believe in the significance of
Preventive Medicine and we want to emphasise on prevention over treatment.

There is often a disparity of clinical knowledge between the healthcare professionals and the general public. As doctors of the future, we want our patients to be educated on health matters and make informed decisions on their health.


We want patients to take more control of their own health; we believe in shifting the power back to our patients and empowering them with knowledge that will change their perspectives. 



The term in its literal sense, means to prevent sickness before it happens. The idea behind this is we focus on promoting and maintaining health and wellbeing, which will lead to the aversion of disease, disability and death. Examples of preventive medicine are health screenings, immunisations and healthy lifestyle habits.

We hope that by equipping the public with the right medical knowledge about self-care and illness prevention, they can lead healthier and better quality lives. 

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